Monday, April 7, 2014

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Winamp is better music player ever! Just download latest Winamp version now!
Winamp music player required for computer resources:
Minimum 500GHZ processor speed, recommended 1500GHZ or better.
Minimum 128MB RAM memory, recommended 512mb ram or better.
Minimum 15MB HDD space, recommended 30MB HDD space or more.
Minimum 16bit sound card, recommended 24bit sound card or better.
Minimum platform for winamp installation is Windows 2000, but winamp music player perfect works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 platforms.
Winamp recommended have Internet Explorer 6.0 browser or later, for online services. Can be change Internet Explorer browser to Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape or more...
Winamp recommended have minimum CDROM 1X or better, for reading music files from your CD.
Winamp recommended have minimum CDROM 2X or better, for writing ripped music files to your blank CD.
This winamp version is full and free. This version support in Indonesian, Deutsch, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Magyar, Nederlands, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Swedish, Turkish, Russian, Chinese, Chinese(simple), Japanese languages.
This version have four default skins: Winamp Classic, Winamp Modern, Winamp Bento, Winamp Big Bento.

Winamp have many settings:
File options:
-Play File (L on Keyboard)
-Play URL... (CTRL+L on Keyboard)
-Play Folder... (SHIFT+L on Keyboard)
-Can be play from own bookmark
-Edit bookmarks (CTRL+ALT+I on Keyboard)
-Add current as bookmark (CTRL+ALT+B on Keyboard)
-Open Playlist (CTRL+O on Keyboard)
-Save Playlist (CTRL+S on Keyboard)
-Add media to library...
-Add current media to Library...
-View file info... (ALT+3 on Keyboard)
-Exit (ALT+F4 on Keyboard, this keyboard combination works on all computer programs)
Play options:
-Previous (Z on Keyboard)
-Play (X on Keyboard)
-Pause (C on Keyboard)
-Stop (V on Keyboard)
-Next (B on Keyboard)
Play advanced playback options:
-Start of list (CTRL+Z on Keyboard)
-Stop w/ fadeout (SHIFT+V on Keyboard)
-Stop after current (CTRL+V on Keyboard)
Jump to options:
-Jump to track (J on Keyboard)
-Jump 10 tracks back (Number 1 on Keyboard)
-Jump 10 tracks fwd (Number 3 on Keyboard)
-Jump to time (CTRL+J on Keyboard)
-Strat of list (CTRL+Z on Keyboard)
-End of list (CTRL+B on Keyboard)
Play options:
-Back 5 seconds (LEFT on Keyboard)
-Fwd 5 seconds (RIGHT on Keyboard)
-Repeat (R on Keyboard)
-Shuffle (S on Keyboard)
-Volume Up (UP on Keyboard)
-Volume Down (DOWN on Keyboard)
Winamp Options:
Skins: Winamp Classic, Winamp Modern, Winamp Bento, Winap Big Bento
-Skin Browser (ALT+S on Keyboard)
Vizualation options:
-Start/Stop plug-in (CTRL+SHIFT+K on Keyboard)
-Configure plug-in... (ALT+K on Keyboard)
-Select plug-in... (CTRL+K on Keyboard)
Winamp have Equalizer function and options:
-EQ enable/disable
-Load, Save, Delete presets
Winamp options:
-Time elapsed (CTRL+T Toggles on Keyboard)
-Time remaining (CTRL+T Toggles on Keyboard)
-Always on Top (CTRL+D on Keyboard)
Appearance options:
-Show Main Window Menu
-Show Visualizer Reflection
-Show Timer Reflection
-Show Artist-Information Buttons
-Show Playlist Tab
-Enable Beat Visualization
-Switch to Bento with Big Buttons
Songticker options:
-Disable Songticker Scrolling
-Modern Songticker Scrolling
-Classic Songticker Scrolling
Window Sizing options:
-Autoresize Main Window if Maximized
-Link shade and player width
-Enable Video in Window resizing
-Switch to Shade on Titlebar Doubleclick
-Maximize Window on Titlebar Doubleclick
-Collapse Window to Top
-Collapse Window to Bottom
Notifications options:
-Show always
-Whow with windowshade and when minimized
-Show only when minimized
-Never Show
-Can change notification window location(Bottom left, Bottom center, Bottom right, Top left, Top center, Top right, Relative to Viewport, Relative to Monitor)
-Fade In Effect (Alpha Fade, Vertical Slide, Horizontal Slide)
-Fade Out Effect (Alpha Fade, Vertical Slide, Horizontal Slide)
-Browser Options (Web Search, Wikipedia Search, Concert Search, Search, Show media monitor)
-Visualization (Open in Big Component View, Open in Multi Content View(stretched), Open in Multi Content View(mini))
-Multi Content View (File info, Visualization, Stored Playlist, Equalizer, Skin settings, File info Components(Show Visualization, Album Art, Show Track, Year, Genre, Disc, Album Artist, Composer, Publisher, Decoder, Song Rating, Cycle File Info, Open Links in Now Playing, Open Links in Browser))
-Playlist (Enlarge Playlist, Show Album Art if Playlist is enlarged)
-Color Themes (Default, Default Green, Default Orange, Default Purple, Default Red, Default Sky, Default Yellow, Blue Invasion, Blue Steel, Brighter, Brighter Green, Brighter Orange, Brighter Purple, Brighter Red, Brighter Sky, Brighter Yellow, Evil Red, Lighten Up Blue, Lighten Up Green, Lighten Up Mono Light, Lighten Up Orange, Mint, Orange Burst, Purplelicious, Royal Black, Royal Blue, Rust, Winamp Classic, Winamp Modern, Winamp Modern City Night, Winamp Modern City Night 2, Winamp Modern Varsity, XP Noir), can download not original different Winamp Skins from internet.
-Preferences (CTRL+P on keyboard)
View Options:
-Playlist editor (ALT+E on keyboard)
-Video (ALT+V on keyboard)
-Media Library (ALT+L on keyboard)
-Queue Manager (ALT+Q on keyboard)
-Visualizations (CTRL+SHIFT+K on keyboard)
-Equalizer (ALT+G on keyboard)
-WEB Browser (ALT+X on keyboard)
-Skin Settings (ALT+C on keyboard)
Help selection:
-Winamp Help (F1 on keyboard)
-Send Feedback
-Register Winamp Pro
-About Winamp...
Winamp can read other Music and Video file types: MP3, MP2, MP1, AAC, VLB, AVI, CDA, MKV, WEBM, NSV, NSA, SWF, OGG, OGA, M4A, MP4, MPG, MPEG, M2V, FLAC, FLV, WMA, WMV, ASF, AIFF, AIF, AU, AVR, CAF, HTK, IFF, MAT, PAF, PVF, RAW, RF64, SD2, SDS, SF, VOC, W64, WAV, WVE, XI, MID, MIDI, RMI, KAR, MIZ, MOD, MDZ, NST, STM, STZ, S3M, S3Z, IT, ITZ, XM, MTM, ULT, 669, FAR, AMF, OKT, PTM, M3U, M3U8, PLS, B4S, XSPF, WPL, ASX.
Winamp Preferences Options: Winamp Pro, File Types, Shell Options, Playlist, Missing Files, Titles, Playback, Video, Localization, Global Hotkeys, Jumpo To File, ML Options, Extras, Media library, Local Library, Online Services, Podcast Directory, History, CD Ripping, Skins Options, Classic Skins, Modern Skins, Plug-ins Options, Input, Output, Visualization, DSP/Effect, General Purpose, Media Library, Portables, Error feedback.
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Winamp was produced in 1997 years, Winamp created by Time Warner, Time Warner is Nullsoft team member.
Winamp music player is the best music player on Windows platform ever!